Fengxian District Shanghai | 11208m² | Completed

Located in Shanghai Fengxian modern agriculture garden, Mingyuanshukang Hotel Club consists of one main building and eight cottages. The area of main building is 7670 square meters and the area of each cottage ranges from 280 to 360 square meters.  Part of the main building is 3-floor high. There are 41 guest rooms including 2 president suites. The hotel is also equipped with an in-door standard swimming pool, a multifunctional hall for 250 people, restaurants in different sizes and styles, a bath center, a gym and so on. The style of the project construction is modern Chinese; its layout refers to the courtyard of traditional Chinese buildings' style; its elevation is the "white wall black tiles" style, using white STUCO paint and gray metal roof boarding. In the meantime, part of the elevation design also adopts such Chinese elements as horse head wall, lattice windows and so on.